Have you ever asked yourself the question:
What Do I Need to Help Me Better Care for Myself Right Now?

Empower yourself and grasp the importance of eliminating stress and solitude from your life. Stop making excuses and allow yourself to have your fair share of fun and the passion you yearn for.

Even if your life is perfect, we will always have something for you to enjoy!

“WINONA GROUP” is a vibrant community of women achieving a greater life balance through fun and relaxation.

“Winona” stands for “Women In Need Of a Night Away”……..can you relate to this?

We love to boost your happiness and make you smile so hard your cheeks will hurt! We’re making this happen for amazing women just like you.

How would you like to feel refreshed and renewed within yourself?

Would you like to go to some awesome events with absolutely inspiring guest speakers who will give you brilliant insights and share their secrets on how you can have a fun and exciting life…..of course you do!!

We believe in celebration and we encourage you to take the time to applaud being alive and….being you!!!

 At Winona Group we will give you the opportunity to:

  • Grow and expand, and integrate the qualities you want more of in your life
  • Escape on Weekends Away and Girls Getaways and join us at our events
  • Improve your life and create a rhythm of self-nurturing and peace
  • Instantly jumpstart the quality of your social life with new friends you will discover
  • Escape, experience and connect!

At Winona Group, we have an instant support system and ‘Comfort Network’ of businesses that care about you and they have created amazing offers for you that are exclusive to Winona Group Members.

They will treat you as if you were a guest in their own home!

We believe that quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. Whether you are pampering yourself or buying a gift to impress no other customer service will come close.

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