Alkaline Living, Thinking and Being…

I have noticed some interesting behaviour in my time, especially around health and wellbeing. Take today for example. I had a client; let’s call her Mary. Mary presented to me as a girl that was fairly happy and well adjusted, however she had a face full of acne, and her back and upper body was covered in deep scar like acne. At 16 ½ she was consuming alcohol in the form of UDL’s, spirits and beer. This is heavy alcohol for a young girl. She told me she went out partying a few times a week.

On a positive note she had removed dairy from her diet, however she was only eating sparingly during the day, which I could see was messing with her metabolism. She likes to dance and move her body. Her skin is getting her down and she was worried about her weight. She felt she was putting on weight. Her shape looked pretty good to me, but I had to look at it from her perspective.

After talking with her for a while I managed to explain to her that alcohol was one of the biggest saboteurs and probably why her skin was so bad. She was acidic in her body, highly emotional and quite aggressive and angry when she talked about one of her siblings. The relationship was antagonistic and negative. I suggested that she create a positive bubble around her sister, and wrap her up in the same packaging as someone she really liked. I also suggested green foods at the start of the day. Foods like Barley grass with seaweed included (Jade Green Zymes) and high alkaline foods like broccoli, sprouts, greens, silver beat and kale.

When your chemistry is out of balance, you tend to crave the wrong foods. You tend to behave differently too. For example, you can become jumpy and angry easily. You can find yourself being anxious about things, when in an alkaline state you would feel calmer.

Alkaline foods are foods like fresh salads, most fruits and most vegetables. Some nuts like almonds, especially if you soak them for a few hours in purified water, drain the water and consume them in the soaked form. You will absorb the calcium and reap the benefits of more efficient digestion and better absorption. Almonds change mental state because of the natural chemicals they emit. Sunflower seeds do this also. You don’t need to soak sunflower seeds, but if you are trying to give up smoking you can use sunflower seeds as a snack because they give off the same sensation as niggetene without the nasty side effects.

Alkaline foods mean alkaline thoughts and behaviour. People who are acidic are more aggressive, more prone to mood swings and anger outbursts. People who are acidic tend to crave the wrong foods, and attract all sorts of physical problems to themselves. Arthritis, bone degeneration, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis and chronic fatigue, just to name a few.

To maintain an alkaline lifestyle is not that difficult, but it does take awareness. It seems one sort of chemistry determines how you will deal with a lot of things in life. If you eat a sugary breakfast it will be easier for you to over indulge in the wrong foods. If you start the day with green foods, smoothies or fresh fruit you will create the chemistry for wellbeing. For more information about how to create beautiful chemistry to your body, go to and check out In The Raw, a book written by Anne Clark.

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