UNLEASH THE POWER OF THE FEARLESS WOMAN WITHIN YOU!’ve got all it takes Girl, so crank up your wheels of change to uncover your hidden strengths and find your vital voice. 
You are beautiful when you are bold and it feels great when you overcome your fears. 
Step forth to be your own leading lady with the power to create the life you seek every single day. 
Take a look at what’s important to you, understand your feminine power and start your action plan!                                    

Become an Empowered Woman of Today!

At The Kookaburra Café  280 Given Terrace, Paddington.

On Saturday, 4th July, 2015 from 2:30pm – 4:30pm


Do you feel you have everything you need to get ahead in your life but it’s just not happening and you can’t understand why?  

What emotions are you attached to and need to let go of?

72% of women struggle in small business and fulfilling their dreams, goals and desires because fear stops them in their tracks.  

Would you like to know how you may be sabotaging yourself and your own success and happiness? 

 At this Discovery Session you will uncover: 

• How you can have you own feminine version of a male stress buster that will diffuse your stress within 5 minutes and allow you to focus better too.

• How to be cool, calm and confident and not be bogged down by unnecessary worry and anxiety.

• Get your business and life really rocking without that feeling of overwhelm taking over.

• Discover what habits you have and the dominant limiting belief you have and need to drop to move forward.

If you had the tools that allowed you to achieve more, be happier and have better relationships how would you feel?

What if you were continually positive, stress-free and limitless? 

If you didn’t change a thing, how do you think you will be in 12 months or even 5 years  from now. 

If you keep trying to convince yourself that all will be OK, do you think you can really make positive change with this mindset? 

This one small step will start you on your journey to become Fearlessly Free and gain clarity around you and your life! 

RSVP:   Friday, 3rd July, 2015.     Secure your seat today 

$47.00 p.p. includes light refreshments.




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