For WINONA Women

“Winona” stands for “Women In Need Of a Night Away”.

Because we believe that when you take a ‘break away from your everyday life’ you are giving yourself permission to take time for you and to create ‘lightness’ for yourself.

That might be a night away, or just a night out or a change from the daily grind to value yourself and take that break you deserve.

Taking a break and giving yourself that space gives you a greater sense of self- worth and allows you to be happy and more productive in your life and in turn, build better relationships with your family and loved ones.

Remember the last time you had a holiday or even a short break? Did you relax, unwind and feel alive? At this time, did you come up with some amazing ideas for your future or your business?

What if you could take a short break on a regular basis, to get the creative juices flowing, be inspired,  surround yourself with positive and inspirational women?

How much more do you think you could achieve?

By nurturing yourself, you will discover a greater sense of freedom and confidence which may bring other unexpected opportunities into your life. Allow yourself time, space and control about how you want to feel and re-energize to live your best life.

Winona Group is a one-stop shop where providers of fun and relaxing products have come together to create deals and offers exclusive to the ‘Winona Women”.

For WINONA Foundation Members

Women everywhere are looking for your offer…… we can bring you together!

Customers love feeling special… we all do! But these days it’s more difficult than ever for businesses to stand out and get noticed. Imagine being able to give your customers a Platinum Loyalty Program that offers gold class rewards without the costs usually associated with high class reward programs. Imagine being able to do this… and get started FREE!

The Winona Group offers solutions for businesses with products and services that make women feel great to effectively advertise−YOUR products and services−to an ever growing incredible consumer base… where tens of thousands (soon to be hundreds of thousands) of women are waiting to receive your offers.

At Winona Group,  we’d like to offer you an exclusive opportunity to market your products and services free of charge to Winona Women.

  • PLUS, if you become a Foundation Member we can put you in front of thousands of loyal customers!
  • Save time and money with effective targeted marketing
  • Increase revenue by attracting new customers
  • Reward your existing customers and improve loyalty
  • Connect with new joint venture partners
  • Create profitable and popular offers
  • Create a buzz around your new product launches
  • And more!

Two choices: Get started for free and offer your customers great rewards, or become a Foundation Member and get your products and services out to thousands more customers before Christmas also!

We’re looking for positive business who offer their customers positive experiences and who are looking for more incredible women to add to their customer database… is this you?

The Winona Group was borne out of the desire to help women live life to the fullest. Winona Group is passionately lead by Leanne Boyd who draws on over 30 years’ experience in charity work, hospitality, event marketing and management. Leanne is committed to helping your business succeed!

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