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I recently felt the need for some “me time” – a getaway – no husband, kids, work, or the “run of the mill” day to day drudgery I was experiencing. I needed the space to breath. But I also didn’t want to entertain the thought of shipping myself off to a resort in some far distant place all on my lonesome. As my friends were unable to join me at the time, I was intrigued when a work colleague suggested I should maybe check out a retreat. Now I had always envisaged a retreat as a week of hard work – rigorous yoga, cleansing, or monotonous meditation – none of which pushed any of my buttons. The same work colleagues’ friend had recently done a women’s surf retreat in Canada, but once again learning to surf was not on my agenda. What did appeal to me was the idea of being on my own but not alone – so I searched around on the net and found the perfect equilibrium – All About Me Women’s reTREAT Bali. I was excited! For me Bali was the ideal destination for my sojourn – as it was comparatively close, tropical, and relatively inexpensive – win, win, and win!

Now here’s the magic of About Me Women’s reTREAT Bali. They do not do detox regimes, finding your inner guru, or conduct life-changing workshops (even though you can still do a yoga class or two!). Your ALL ABOUT ME reTREAT is all about giving YOU- rest and relaxation, pampering, low impact water work-outs, and healthy gourmet food – all of which is then added to the many other choices that they have within their wide range of fabulous and fun packages. This retreat is also about giving you a safe haven to be nestled amongst (being a magnificent villa that sings out luxe – and yes you’re here in beautiful Bali!), whilst being in the company of like- minded women who you may or may not share your day with.

The retreat commences on a Saturday and ends the following Saturday, so its 7nights and 8 days of ME time! After much pondering (as quite frankly I could have done with experiencing all of their packages), I chose the LIVE THE LIFE package, as I felt I needed to put a spark back in my step by getting out there and enjoying the fun that life has to offer, which is definitely what I hadn’t been doing over the last 12 months. There other packages include: SIMPLY PERFECT (includes lots of “R&R”), LUSCIOUS FOODIE (for all of you connoisseurs out there), REVITALISE & RELAX (full time pampering), REAL MAGIC (embraces the magical essence of Bali), and FUEL FOR YOU (for those who want to get active for a week).

The LIVE THE LIFE package was a great cocktail of all of the activities I wanted to experience, it had: both in-house and out-hose spa treatments (I so needed this- very indulgent); a cooking school as I’m not known for my culinary skills – my family was amazed when on my return I managed to cook them up an Indonesian feast from scratch; a day at a thalasso spa where you get to float about in an immensely wonderful mineral rich sea water pool that massages you from head to toe as you soak in the breathtaking coastal view, followed afterwards enjoying the sunset at a bar that’s perched at the bottom of a cliff; an art class that once again I was surprised by the pleasure I received from this – it taught me a little bit about myself and also of the use of colour; and after this a visit to the breathtaking rice field views was a highlight – I never imagined how vibrant green and picture perfect they could be. What was the biggest astonishment of all to me was the delectable cuisine that is on offer in Bali. You can literally eat yourself from one side of the island to the other; there are so many fabulous eateries. I was so amazed by this and the caliber of the restaurants and cafes where we ate – world class standard! In my LIVE THE LIFE package I only had 1 lunch that wasn’t included – but I was still so full from brunch that I didn’t even need it! It was so refreshing not having to get my wallet out countless times or having to constantly deal with converting local currency, which has been the norm on other holidays.

There were 5 other girls at the retreat: 2 of us were all doing LIVE THE LIFE; and this Grandmother, daughter and Granddaughter were on the REVITALIZE and RELAX retreat which sounded delightful; and 1 girl was mesmerized by the rituals and ceremonies of REAL MAGIC . The REVITALISE AND RELAX retreat gives you 14+ hours of spa treatments – yes please, that’s me next time around! In the mornings at breakfast it was always fun to hear what the others had got upto the day before when we all gathered at the breakfast table noshing over our scrumptious breakfast which commenced with a fresh coconut to sip on, or when we joined the Aquafit class that was held in our villa pool every other morning. Not being a swimmer I was reluctant to join, but after it was explained that there are “no swimming skills” required (as the equipment keeps you upright & buoyant in the water), I decided I had nothing to lose and all to gain. I was amazed at how quickly I picked up the moves in these low-impact classes, and how toned I felt the following day – it’s addictive and you don’t even have to get your hair wet!

The accommodation was in a breathtaking villa, which was so delightful, it imbued quintessential Bali and the staff was ever attentive and charming. Its location was out of the hub of the busy tourist areas, and in the more tranquil residential suburbs not far from trendy Seminyak. Our in-house meals were light, tasty and gourmet, and there were always drinks and healthy snacks to nibble on during the day if at any time you felt the need. Not being a big shopper the in-house shopping service that is provided on the 2nd day was perfect for me- bringing a few favorites from my wardrobe I was able to extend my repertoire, and with images I bought with me I was able to order a couple pairs of leather shoes and a bag, and on the spare of the moment, I commissioned a piece of art work for my mum’s birthday. They all turned out stunning, and I (as were my friends) was very happy with my jewelry purchases. On this day I also indulged in an in-house tarot card reading, which set the pace for my week of ME time.

From the onset, my dealings with Michel and Jennine at About Me Women’s reTREAT Bali was flawless. Those girls really know how to host and were always respectful of every individuals needs. The “trimmings” that they provide within the packages are endless, surprising, indulgent and delightful – I loved my inspirational messages when I jumped into bed in the evenings and the aromatic in-house signature spa products were so luxurious- I’m sure that’s why I slept better than I had in years whilst I was there. Being “fast tracked” through the airport on arrival was also a fabulous service – it typified the service I was indulged by throughout the remainder of my retreat week!

So now I dream of returning to that magical island again, as I work my way through all of All About Me Women’s reTREAT Bali’s packages that are on offer. I have told all of my friends that that’s where we are going for my next milestone birthday celebration (Michel & Jennine were hosting a 50th birthday celebration retreat for 10 girls the following week), and I would love to take my mum there with me so she can experience the exhilaration of giving back to yourself – I did and I feel wonderful for it!

As they say at All About Me Women’s reTREAT Bali:

Something wonderful is about to happen and it’s all about YOU!

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